August 22-23 SIRDUG Educational Seminars Featuring Bonnie Baker

Meeting Details

WHEN? August 22 (Thursday) & August 23 (Friday)

IBM Harris Blvd facility (Charlotte, NC) - See directions below

COST? $175 cash or check, per day, at the door.
We do not accept credit cards.

Meeting Agenda

August 22
Featured Speaker - Bonnie Baker

 8:00 -  9:00  -  Registration - Coffee, Danish, and Networking
 9:00 - 12:15  -  Bonnie Baker "Explain Explained - Part 1"
12:15 -  1:00  -  Lunch
 1:00 -  4:00  -  Bonnie Baker "Explain Explained - Part 2"

August 23
Featured Speaker - Bonnie Baker

 8:00 -  9:00  -  Registration - Coffee, Danish, and Networking
 9:00 - 12:15  -  Bonnie Baker "The Best of Things I Wish for Developers - Part 1"
12:15 - 12:55  -  Lunch
 1:00 -  4:00  -  Bonnie Baker "The Best of Things I Wish for Developers - Part 2"


To pre-register please email and give us your name and company. If you are not already on our distribution list and wish to be, include your email address and phone number.

Pre-registration must be completed by Midnight, Friday, August 16th. Please feel free to invite others from your company (just make sure they pre-register as well). If you know others in your company who are interested in attending future SIRDUG events, please encourage them to become members of our distribution list (we just need their names, email addresses and phone numbers).

Registration Note
SIRDUG will be calling or emailing a confirmation for each person who pre-registers by the deadline. If you have pre-registered and have not received a confirmation by the day after the deadline, please notify us as your registration may not have been received.

If you have not pre-registered by the deadline, you may pre-register after the deadline or register at the door, but the availability of presentation handouts and lunch can not be guaranteed and confirmations will not be sent.

Directions to the meeting site:

The meeting is in the IBM Harris Blvd facility

North bound on I-77 (from the Rock Hill direction): Turn right onto I-85 North and follow next directions.

On I-85 (coming from either direction): Take exit 45B onto Harris Blvd. West Turn Left at 2nd stop light onto IBM Drive and follow directions below.

South bound on I-77 (from the Statesville direction) Turn left onto Harris Blvd. East (exit 18)
Go approximately 6.3 miles to the 10th stop light (counting the one at top of I-77 ramp)
Turn Right onto IBM Drive (Don't turn onto the IBM Drive at the 7th stop light).

Once on IBM Drive, Turn Right at 2nd drive. Go through gate (tell them that you are here for a SIRDUG meeting) Find a parking place and enter the Visitors Lobby. Follow the SIRDUG signs to the Cafeteria Conference Room.

Bonnie Baker Biography

Bonnie Baker, a consultant with over 19 years of information systems experience, concentrates on supporting the IBM DB2 product on the MVS platform. She performs as both consultant and architect on application development projects. She also performs design reviews, conducts performance and tuning consulting engagements, makes recommendations for performance improvements, and presents seminars for application designers, developers, and DBAs. She is best known for creating and presenting application performance seminars in a series entitled, "Things I Wish They'd Told Me 8 Years Ago." She is a frequent speaker at the U.S., European, Australian and Canadian DB2 Technical Conferences and IDUG's as well as many local DB2 user groups (like ours!!). She has won Best Speaker for her sessions. She tries to bring her 'hands-on' 'from-the-trenches' perspective to her presentations to provide real-life solutions to real-world problems.

Educational Seminar Details

August 22: "Explain Explained"

EXPLAIN is the primary tool for providing insight into the DB2 optimizer and the access paths chosen to satisfy program SQL. Application developers and Database Administrators should understand how to use EXPLAIN to determine how a program is interacting with DB2. They also need to know how to fix performance problems. Expect a clear discussion of what EXPLAIN can tell you about access paths and performance. This one day seminar will take you from the basic to the advanced level of using EXPLAIN.

Topics include:

Learn how to run EXPLAIN

Learn what the columns in the Plan_table mean

Learn how to identify potential problems

Learn methods for improving access strategy and program performance

Get pointers on using SPUFI for EXPLAIN

Learn about access paths and how they impact performance

Learn about EXPLAIN interpretation

Participate in workshops designed to reinforce the lecture

Ask questions - time will be allotted for Q&A

August 23: "The Best of Things I Wish for Developers"

This seminar is a Reader's Digest version of Bonnie Baker's 4-part series of seminars entitled "Things I Wish They'd Told Me 8 Years Ago". She focuses on all of the best tips and techniques that application developers can use to improve the performance of programs and SQL. And the analogies and war stories that Bonnie is known for are used to make each concept clear and usable. If you have missed any of the full-day seminars in the past this is a good way to get a sample of each with the BEST of what each has to offer.

Topics include:

Synchronous VS Asynchronous I/O - The Beth & Scott story
Two ways of using and index - the NORMAL way and the Aunt Louise way
Locking and Lock Avoidance
Stage 1 vs Stage 2 predicates
A checklist for program performance
BIND Parameters made easy
Performance Topics
New Release Information
Ugly, Uglier, and Ugliest SQL
and as many tips as we can fit into a day

SIRDUG 2002 - Tentative Schedule for events and Educational Seminars

Note: There will be additional cost for Educational Seminars.

February 15   -  User Speakers, Robert Catterall, Dan Alion, Paul Turpin
                 IDUG NA 2002 Comes To You
April 11      -  Joel Goldstein & Scott Hayes
                 Monitoring, Tuning, & Bufferpools
June 28       -  Let's Look Into the Futures 
August 22,23  -  Bonnie Baker - Educational Seminars: "Explain Explained" (Aug 22)
                 "The Best of Things I Wish for Developers" (Aug 23)
September 26  -  Database Vendor fair - Greensboro, NC
October 11    -  Linda Claussen - Education Seminar - Stored Procedures
December ?    -  ?

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