April 11 SIRDUG Educational Seminar Featuring Linda Claussen

So you want to make your DB2 data and applications accessible from the Web? Where do you start? How does it work? What are the components of a DB2 web application topology? What is required for development? Join us as we attempt to answer these and other critical questions in utilizing the Web to access your current DB2 data and application logic.

There is virtually nowhere you can look on the IT landscape without seeing Web-enablement and e-commerce as major directives for system integration. The emergence of the Internet as a business tool and the technology to deploy business strategies that exploit the power of the Internet represents a fundamental change in the IT environment for most companies. The Internet is opening entirely new business models and new ways to think about the value of IT.

Meeting Details

WHEN? April 11 (Friday)

IBM Harris Blvd facility (Charlotte, NC) - See directions below

COST? $175 cash or check, per day, at the door.
We do not accept credit cards.

Meeting Agenda

April 11
Featured Speaker - Linda Claussen

 8:00 -  9:00  -  Registration - Coffee, Danish, and Networking
 9:00 - 11:45  -  Linda Claussen "Web Enablement Cookbook"
11:45 - 12:45  -  Lunch
12:50 -  3:30  -  Linda Claussen "Web Enablement Cookbook (continued)"


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Directions to the meeting site:

The meeting is in the IBM Harris Blvd facility

North bound on I-77 (from the Rock Hill direction): Turn right onto I-85 North and follow next directions.

On I-85 (coming from either direction): Take exit 45B onto Harris Blvd. West Turn Left at 2nd stop light onto IBM Drive and follow directions below.

South bound on I-77 (from the Statesville direction) Turn left onto Harris Blvd. East (exit 18)
Go approximately 6.3 miles to the 10th stop light (counting the one at top of I-77 ramp)
Turn Right onto IBM Drive (Don't turn onto the IBM Drive at the 7th stop light).

Once on IBM Drive, Turn Right at 2nd drive. Go through gate (tell them that you are here for a SIRDUG meeting). Look for the SIRDUG parking sign on the right side of the road. We are to park in the lower visitor parking lot. Enter the Visitors Lobby and follow the SIRDUG signs to the Cafeteria Conference Room.

Linda Claussen Biography

A frequent speaker at conferences and user groups, Linda's 30+ years of experience spans the various roles of application developer, project manager, Data Base Administration and Systems Programmer. Linda's first exposure to DB2 started with DB2 1.1 and during the late 80ís and throughout the 90ís she has been actively engaged in consulting and training assignments to large DB2 MVS and OS/390 environments. She has frequently worked with new DB2 sites performing the initial DB2 install, providing training and consulting to the Project Leader, DBAs and Application staff responsible for the initial DB2 pilot project and conducting design reviews to insure successful project implementation. Linda is currently a principle of Claussen & Associates, a member of the IBM DB2 GOLD Consultants program.

"Web Enablement Cookbook" Details

Web-enablement transforms existing applications into a Web technology-based solution for both B2B and B2C endeavors. Web-Enablement is the process of taking a business process, existing systems and/or production databases, and allowing the people who need to access it to do so - using web technology. In doing this, the organization increases the speed and dexterity with which their clients, partners and teams can access information and do business, while reducing the associated cost of doing this.

There are many pieces when building an e-business application. Initially, one can be overwhelmed trying to comprehend them all. This 1-day session presents a simplified view of designing and implementing user friendly WEB-browser accessible applications and the four major components that make up web enabled application systems.

Topics Covered:

- Introduction to Internet/Intranet Technology
- Topology of a Web Application
- Clients (Presentation Layer)
- Web App Servers
- Infrastructure Services
- External Services
- Elements required to Develop Web-enabled applications
- Web-Enablement Implementation

"Web Enablement Cookbook" Outline

Course Outline:
I. Introduction to Internet/Intranet Technology
    Structure of the Internet
    Connecting to the Internet
    Operating Systems
    Enhancing Business Communications
    TCP/IP Overview
        - OS/390 Configuration
        - Gateway Configuration
        - Workstation Configuration
    Internet and WWW Resources
II. Topology of a Web Application
    E-Business Application Challenges
    Topology of a Web Application
    Clients (Presentation Layer)
        - Internet or Intranet enabled
        - Communications with Web App Servers
        - Thin vs. Fat Clients
        - Major players (Windows .NET vs Sun/IBM J2EE)
    Web App Servers
        - Access Services
        - Runtime Services
        - Connection Services
    Infrastructure Services
        Load Balancing
        Directory Services
    External Services
        Access to Existing Application
        Access to Enterprise Data (concentration on DB2)
        Access to External Processes
        Key Elements to building Enterprise Application Interfaces
        Critical nature of SCO (Server Code Objects)
III. Elements required to Develop Web-enabled Application
    BPM (Business Process Model)
    Development and Testing Tools & Requirements
    Best Practices for Scalable, Reliable & Performance
        - Multi-tier Infrastructure for e-business
        - Scaling Techniques
        - Common Pitfalls
IV. Web-Enablement Implementation
    Build Phase
    Deploy (publish)

Note: DB2 is only 1 piece of the pie in developing Web applications. It is critical that the DB2 professional understand the entire environment (at least at a high level) to be able to participate in the development and deployment of a web application. The critical nature of these applications require well performing SQL, minimal network activity to perform data access, scalable systems via the implementation of clusters, sysplex, DB2 data sharing, etc. Key DB2 elements will be addressed throughout, but in the overall picture is only about 20% of the presentation.

Linda Claussen's Contact Information

Linda F. Claussen
Claussen & Associates, Inc.
2371 278th Street
Grand Mound, Iowa, 52751
Mobile: (319) 343-3216
Office: (319) 847-1985

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