October 11 SIRDUG Educational Seminars Featuring Linda Claussen

Meeting Details

WHEN? October 11 (Friday)

IBM Harris Blvd facility (Charlotte, NC) - See directions below

COST? $175 cash or check, per day, at the door.
We do not accept credit cards.

Meeting Agenda

October 11
Featured Speaker - Linda Claussen

 8:00 -  9:00  -  Registration - Coffee, Danish, and Networking
 9:00 - 12:15  -  Linda Claussen "DB2 Stored Procedures"
12:15 - 12:55  -  Lunch
 1:00 -  1:15  -  SIRDUG business meeting
 1:15 -  4:00  -  Linda Claussen "DB2 Stored Procedures (continued)"


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Registration Note
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Directions to the meeting site:

The meeting is in the IBM Harris Blvd facility

North bound on I-77 (from the Rock Hill direction): Turn right onto I-85 North and follow next directions.

On I-85 (coming from either direction): Take exit 45B onto Harris Blvd. West Turn Left at 2nd stop light onto IBM Drive and follow directions below.

South bound on I-77 (from the Statesville direction) Turn left onto Harris Blvd. East (exit 18)
Go approximately 6.3 miles to the 10th stop light (counting the one at top of I-77 ramp)
Turn Right onto IBM Drive (Don't turn onto the IBM Drive at the 7th stop light).

Once on IBM Drive, Turn Right at 2nd drive. Go through gate (tell them that you are here for a SIRDUG meeting) Find a parking place and enter the Visitors Lobby. Follow the SIRDUG signs to the Cafeteria Conference Room.

Linda Claussen Biography

A frequent speaker at conferences and user groups, Linda's 30+ years of experience spans the various roles of application developer, project manager, Data Base Administration and Systems Programmer. Linda's first exposure to DB2 started with DB2 1.1 and during the late 80ís and throughout the 90ís she has been actively engaged in consulting and training assignments to large DB2 MVS and OS/390 environments. She has frequently worked with new DB2 sites performing the initial DB2 install, providing training and consulting to the Project Leader, DBAs and Application staff responsible for the initial DB2 pilot project and conducting design reviews to insure successful project implementation. Linda is currently a principle of Claussen & Associates, a member of the IBM DB2 GOLD Consultants program and technical advisor to CBI Inc.

Educational Seminar Details

"Stored Procedures"

This 1 day seminar is a composite of the Stored Procedures Part 1 & 2 seminars, developed for the 2002 IDUG North American conference.

Stored procedures are becoming one of the hottest topics in the development of client/server applications. Stored procedures are the easiest way to perform a remote call and to distribute the logic of an application program. Your programming productivity and performance can be improved by using stored procedures when you develop client/server applications.

The main goal of the stored procedure is the reduction of network message flow between the requester (the application) and the data server (DB2) in a distributed environment. Another important usage of stored procedures is to have functions callable from any application on any platform.

This 1 day seminar presents the coding and administration requirements to implement, develop and test Stored Procedures for the DB2 UDB for z/OS and OS/390 for use in both a distributed and non-distributed environment as well as cross-platform stored procedures development.

Topics include:

Topics Covered:
∑ Stored Procedures Environment
∑ Coding and Testing Stored Procedures
∑ Calling Stored Procedures from Remote Clients
∑ SQL Procedures Language
∑ Stored Procedures Builder


1.  Stored Procedures Environment
    ∑  What are Stored Procedures?
    ∑  Software Prerequisites
    ∑  Stored Procedures Architecture
    ∑  Environment set-up requirements
    ∑  DB2 private Stored Procedures vs WLM Stored Procedures
    ∑  Implementation and Administration

2.  Stored Procedures
    ∑  Developing the Stored Procedure
       Coding Rules
    ∑  Preparation Procedures
       Defining the Stored Procedure
    ∑  Calling the Stored Procedure 
    ∑  Result Set Stored Procedures 

∑   Accessing Non-DB2 Resources from Stored Procedures
    ∑  Software Prerequisites
    ∑  RRSAF interface
    ∑  Accessing non-DB2 resources
    ∑  Using Global Temporary Table
    ∑  Coding Examples 

3.  Calling Stored Procedures from Remote Clients
    ∑  Distributed SQL Procedures Environment 
    ∑  Calling Stored Procedures
       CLI & ODBC Applications
       WebSphere Application Server Java
       Problem Determination 
    ∑  DRDA support for 3-part Names 
    ∑  Performance Considerations 
    ∑  Application Considerations

4.  Stored Procedures Builder
    ∑  What are SQL Stored Procedures 
    ∑  Procedures Body
       Compound Statements
       Variable Declarations
       Handling Errors
       Basic Control Statements
       Assignment Statement 
    ∑  SQL Allowed 
    ∑  Examples
    ∑  Stored Procedures Builder
       Getting Started
       Working with Existing Stored Procedures Guidelines
    ∑  References

SIRDUG 2002 - Tentative Schedule for events and Educational Seminars

Note: There will be additional cost for Educational Seminars.

February 15   -  User Speakers, Robert Catterall, Dan Alion, Paul Turpin
                 IDUG NA 2002 Comes To You
April 11      -  Joel Goldstein & Scott Hayes
                 Monitoring, Tuning, & Bufferpools
June 28       -  Let's Look Into the Futures 
August 22,23  -  Bonnie Baker - Educational Seminars: "Explain Explained" (Aug 22)
                 "The Best of Things I Wish for Developers" (Aug 23)
September 26  -  Database Vendor fair - Greensboro, NC
October 11    -  Linda Claussen - Education Seminar - Stored Procedures

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