November 10 SIRDUG Educational Seminars Featuring Dan Luksetich & Tink Tysor

Meeting Details

WHEN? November 10 (Friday)

IBM Harris Blvd facility (Charlotte, NC) - See directions below

COST? $40 cash or check, per day, at the door.
We do not accept credit cards.

Meeting Agenda

November 10
Featured Speakers - Dan Luksetich & Tink Tysor

 8:00 -  9:00  -  Registration - Coffee, Danish, and Networking
 9:00 -  9:10  -  Announcements
 9:10 - 10:20  -  Dan Luksetich
10:20 - 10:40  -  Break
10:40 - 11:50  -  Dan Luksetich
11:50 - 12:50  -  Lunch
 1:00 -  2:10  -  Tink Tysor "Using Views, RI and Other Stuff for Performance"
 2:10 -  2:40  -  Break - SIRDUG celebration
 2:40 -  3:50  -  Tink Tysor 'Using Views, RI and Other Stuff for Performance"


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Directions to the meeting site:

The meeting is in the IBM Harris Blvd facility

North bound on I-77 (from the Rock Hill direction): Turn right onto I-85 North and follow next directions.

On I-85 (coming from either direction): Take exit 45B onto Harris Blvd. West Turn Left at 2nd stop light onto IBM Drive and follow directions below.

South bound on I-77 (from the Statesville direction) Turn left onto Harris Blvd. East (exit 18) Go approximately 6.3 miles to the 10th stop light (counting the one at top of I-77 ramp) Turn Right onto IBM Drive (Don't turn onto the IBM Drive at the 7th stop light).

Once on IBM Drive, Turn Right at 2nd drive. Look for the SIRDUG parking sign on the right side of the road. We are to park in the lower visitor parking lot. Enter the Visitors Lobby and follow the SIRDUG signs to the Cafeteria Conference Room.

Dan Luksetich Biography

Dan Luksetich is a senior DB2. He works as a DBA, application architect, presenter, author, and teacher. Dan has been in the information technology business for over 21 years, and has worked with DB2 for over 16 years. He has been a COBOL and BAL programmer, DB2 system programmer, DB2 DBA, and DB2 application architect. His experience includes major implementations on z/OS, AIX, and Linux environments. This includes: Application design, Database administration, Complex SQL, SQL tuning, DB2 performance audits, Replication, Disaster recovery, Stored procedures, UDFs, and triggers. He is a certified DB2 DBA and application developer, and the author of several DB2 related articles.

Tink Tysor's Biography

BL “Tink” Tysor, an experienced Database Administrator, SQL developer and Relational Data Modeler with over 34 years of computer experience, has concentrated on DB2 Universal Database for z/OS & OS/390 since 1994, and has been involved in every aspect of Database Management from Conceptual, Logical and Physical Data Modeling, database creation and maintenance, SQL generation and reviews, through performance tuning and data recovery. Tink has taught all levels of DB2 classes, and is on the IDUG Solution’s Journal Editorial Review Board. He has spoken at the NA and EJ IDUG Conferences, RJGs, and authored publications on DB2.

Educational Seminar Details

Dan Luksetich - VLDB

Tink Tysor - Using Views, RI and Other Stuff for Performance abstract

"Using Views, RI and Other Stuff for Performance"

The DB2 optimizer has long been recognized for reliably finding the access path for the best response time for most SQL statements. With DB2 Version 8, this has been taken to new heights. Now with ever decreasing hardware costs, both memory and CPU, programming cost becomes more and more significant. Codd’s original 12 rules for relational data stressed the goal of separating program logic from specific data implementation. Now with DB2 version 8, that separation can be farther realized utilizing views, that can make programming easier and more productive, allow for changing data organization to optimize retrieval, and adjust the access path to the underlying data based on predicate data. This session will cover how to take advantage of these new capabilities to make application programmers more productive while enhancing query response time.

This seminar is appropriate for z/OS as well as the Linux, UNIX and Windows(LUW) platforms.

I.	Overview
II.	Performance Things
III.	Patterns
IV.	Strategies for Performance
V.	Performance Enablers
VI.	Conclusion

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