September 13 SIRDUG Technical Meeting Featuring Jase Alper and Bill Arledge

Meeting Details

WHEN? September 13 (Thursday)

The Baxter Hood Center (Rock Hill, SC) See directions below

COST? $25 cash or check, per day, at the door.
We do not accept credit cards.

Meeting Agenda

September 13
Featured Speakers - Jase Alpers, IBM and Bill Arledge, CA Technologies, Inc.

 8:00 -  9:00  - Registration - Coffee, Danish, and Networking
 9:00 - 10:30  - Optimizing Applications Using Extended Explain Tables - Jase Alpers
10:45 - 12:00  - Tuning Queries Like a DB2 Developer - Jase Alpers
12:00 - 1:00   - Lunch
 1:00 - 2:30   - DB2 10 Security Enhancements - Bill Arledge
 3:00 - 4:00   - DB2 Dynamic Statement Cache:  A Redux - Bill Arledge

4:00  - 4:15  - Wrap up and adjourn


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Directions to to The Baxter Hood Center:

The Baxter Hood Center
452 S. Anderson Road
Rock Hill, SC 29730

Less than 2 miles from I-77 & Dave Lyle Blvd intersection (south side of Charlotte).

Jase Alpers Biography

Jase Alpers works for the DB2 for z/OS optimizer development team at the IBM Silicon Valley Laboratory. Jase has more than 10 years experience with DB2 in application development, consulting, DB2 technical service/support, and DB2 optimizer development. Prior to joining the DB2 optimizer team, Jase led the SQL performance and Relational Data Systems DB2 support teams. Jase's work is focused on deep dive analysis and resolution of SQL performance problems.

Presentation Details

Optimizing Applications Using Extended Explain Tables
The plan table externalizes DB2 optimizer's access path choices, but does not include the information which led to that decision. In this session, we will focus on the information contained in a key extended explain table - the predicate table - and the insight it can provide into the DB2 optimizer's decisions. Queries will be provided that can be used to mine the explain tables and catalog so that potential query performance issues can be proactively identified and resolved.

Tuning Queries Like a DB2 Developer
Tuning DB2 applications for optimal DB2 performance does not need to be a complex exercise. Most SQL performance problems can be easily solved by identifying and resolving differences between the optimizer's expectations and reality. In this session, we'll walk through the process used by the DB2 service team to identify and resolve access path performance problems. We'll discuss the primary reasons the optimizer "gets it wrong" along with options to correct poor performance.

Bill Arledge Biography

Principal Consultant at CA Technologies, Inc.
Thirty-six years of professional experience in the computer business, including twenty-six years in the database software industry as a database specialist, corporate strategist, development manager, and product manager. Broad knowledge of database technologies and the database tools and utilities marketplace. Extensive experience as a presenter in multiple venues, including customer briefings, database seminars, and technical product education, across the world.

Presentation Details

DB2 10 Security Enhancements
DB2 10 dramatically changes the security model for managing DB2 applications and objects, extending the role-based security model introduced in DB2 9. Security, regulatory compliance, and audit capability are improved as well while providing increased administrative flexibility and reduced exposure to unauthorized data access by applications or administrators. DB2 10 introduces label-based row and column access control and masking or encryption of sensitive data. This presentation discusses basic DB2 security and more detail about DB2 10 enhancements.

DB2 Dynamic Statement Cache: A Redux
Dynamic SQL is a significant portion of the DB2 workload at many large shops around the world. Dynamic SQL presents inherent performance management challenges and the dynamic statement cache can help mitigate these performance issues. This technical session will review dynamic SQL implementation, including dynamic SQL coding techniques and DB2 bind options that will ensure optimal statement cache usage. We’ll review details on the local and global dynamic statement caches, including monitoring performance of dynamic SQL using cache statistics. Finally, we’ll review DB2 10 enhancements that improve dynamic statement cache utilization.

Download presentations

To download Jase Alpers' "Optimizing Applications Using Extended Explain Tables" click here

To download Jase Alpers' "Tuning Queries Like a DB2 Developer" click here

Bill Arledges' presentations are on the Baltimore Washington DB2 Users Group site.

To download Bill Arledges' "DB2 Dynamic Statement Cache: A Redux" click here

To download Bill Arledges' "DB2 10 Security Enhancements" click here

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