IDUG Preview Session featuring Robert Catterall and Robert Goodman

SIRDUG Meeting February 24th, 2006

Featuring: Robert Catterall - IDUG Speaker's Hall of Fame and Robert Goodman - IDUG Speaker's Hall of Fame.

SIRDUG is very pleased to announce that the first 2006 SIRDUG meeting on February 24th will feature Robert Catterall of Check Free. After receiving the IDUG Speaker's Hall of Fame award as an IBMer, Robert now works for Check Free, and so he now qualifies as a User Speaker. Robert Catterall will give us a preview of his 2006 North American IDUG conference presentation. Robert Goodman is another IDUG Speaker Hall of Famer. Robert Goodman will be giving us some great information from his recent IDUG Symposium presentation, "Roadmaps for Improving Database Availability". If you needed DB2 for z/OS Version 8 advice concerning migration, partitioning, and tips you really need to know, you don't want to miss this one. Robert Donaldson, Vijay Sitaram and Paul Turpin will also be presenting their IDUG NA 2006 presentations, which will focus on the DB2 for Linx, Unix and Windows (LUW) world.

This year's IDUG North American Conference will be in Tampa, Florida, May 7 through 11th. If you are considering attending this year's IDUG NA conference, make sure you scroll to the bottom of this announcement for some exciting discount information!

Meeting Details

WHEN? Friday, February 24, 2006

WHERE? IBM Harris Blvd facility

COST? $25 cash or check, in advance or at the door.
We do not accept credit cards.

Tentative Meeting Agenda

Tentative Meeting Agenda

 8:00 -  8:50 - Registration - Coffee, Danish, and Networking
 8:50 -  9:00 - SIRDUG announcements and speaker introductions 
 9:00 - 10:15 - Robert Catterall - "Get Up: DB2 High Availability & Disaster Recovery"
10:15 - 10:35 - Mid-Morning Break
10:35 - 11:50 - Parallel sessions (Robert Goodman / ?)
11:50 - 12:50 - Lunch
12:50 -  2:10 - Parallel sessions (Robert Goodman / ?)
 2:10 -  2:20 - Mid-Afternoon Break
 2:20 -  3:30 - Parallel sessions (Robert Goodman / Paul Turpin)  -  Robert's
                session will end a little earlier, so he can catch his plane.
 3:30 -  4:00 - Networking, Adjourn

We are still working on the exact agenda, so what you see may change 
a bit.


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Directions to the meeting site:

The meeting is in the IBM Harris Blvd facility

North bound on I-77 (from the Rock Hill direction):Turn right onto I-85 North and follow next directions.

On I-85 (coming from either direction): Take exit 45B onto Harris Blvd. West. Turn Left at 2stop light onto IBM Drive and follow the directions below.

South bound on I-77 (from the Statesville direction) Turn left onto Harris Blvd. East (exit 18) Go approximately 6.3 miles to the 10th stop light (counting the one at top of I-77 ramp) Turn Right onto IBM Drive (Don't turn onto the IBM Drive at the 7th stop light).

Once on IBM Drive, Turn Right at 2nd drive. Look for the SIRDUG parking sign on the right side of the road. We are to park in the lower visitor parking lot. Enter the Visitors Lobby and follow the SIRDUG signs to the Cafeteria Conference Room.

Robert Catterall's Biography

Robert Catterall is a Director of Engineering at CheckFree Corporation. As part of the Company's Technology Strategy and Planning group, Robert works to establish corporate-wide standards for the use of information technology in CheckFree applications and systems. Prior to joining CheckFree in February of 2000, Robert spent 17 years at IBM, the last ten of those as a member of the DB2 for z/OS national technical support team at IBM's Dallas Systems Center. Robert writes the DB2 DBA column that appears in each issue of DB2 magazine, and regularly speaks at local, national, and international user group meetings and conferences. He is a member of the IDUG Speaker's Hall of Fame.

Title: "Get Up: DB2 High Availability & Disaster Recovery"

Bad things can happen to good systems. Servers can fail, as can disk arrays, operating systems - even DB2 itself. Sometimes, an entire data center becomes inoperative. Fortunately, there are many things you can do to help ensure that your DB2 systems will be highly available and capable of surviving disaster-scope events. This session will cover several of these protective measures from a cross-platform perspective.

Bullet Points:
1. Availability and recovery: fundamentals and lingo
2. DB2 for z/OS data sharing
3. DB2 for LUW failover clustering
4. Beyond log shipping: DB2 for LUW HADR
5. Two- and three-site DR configurations

Presentation Category: Managing performance or availability
Presentation Platform: Cross Platform

Robert Goodman's Biography

Bob has been in data processing since 1977 and is the Senior DBA and Disaster Recovery Coordinator at Florida Hospital. He has been involved with DB2 since version 1.2 and has been performing DB2 recoveries since 1987. Since then, Bob has been involved in tuning all aspects of DB2. A few years ago, he help create the FL Hospital "Database Think-Tank" to promote state of the art database practices. He has conducted extensive technical training and supports ment. He frequently presents at relational user groups, is a member of the IDUG Speaker Hall of Fame and has taught at the DB2 Technical Symposium.


Paul Turpins's Biography

Paul Turpin has 19 years experience in information systems, 8 of those working with DB2 on the mainframe. He has been a DBA for 9 years, working with DB2 on the OS/390 platform. For the last 6 years, he has been a DBA working with DB2 on non-OS/390 operating systems, including AIX, Linux, Windows NT/2000/2003, and HP-UX. He holds the following DB2 certifications: - IBM Certified Advanced Database Administrator - DB2 Universal Database DB V8.1 for Linux, UNIX, and Windows; IBM Certified Applications Developer DB2 UDB V8.1 Family; IBM Certified Advanced Technical Expert DB2 - DRDA; IBM Certified Solution Designer - DB2 BI V8

Title: Taming a 1 Terabyte Table!

When table size gets in the Terabyte range a number of issues arise. Doing maintenance (runstats, reorg, backup, restore, etc) on the objects can be quite tricky. Getting good performance on queries of the table can be very difficult. The DBA must use all the tools at their disposal to solve the maintenance issues and performance issues.

Bullet Points:
1. Database partitioning
2. Index design
3. Utility challenges
4. Backup/restore issues
5. Union all view

Presentation Category: Creative methods for managing DB2 resources
Presentation Platform: DB2 for Linux, UNIX, Windows

Robert Donaldson's Biography

Have worked with relational databases for over 10 years, predominately DB2 on UNIX, with occasional forays into Mainframe and Windows. I've been a UNIX sysadmin and DBA as well as a software developer. 9 years experience writing applications and interfaces into relational databases, mostly DB2 using using C and C++. 5 Years working with text search (DB2 Text Information Extender/Net Search Extender). Officer of TriDUG (Research Triangle, NC DB2 users group) Father of two adorable 7 year old twin daughters. (Whom are both perfect by-the-way.) My hobbies include saltwater fish and wood working, though not at the same time. My sense of humor tends to get me into more trouble than it gets me out of, but hey, life should be fun right?

Title: Searching Freeform Text Stored in DB2 Using DB2

Storing your formated or unformatted text in DB2 is easy enough, but what do you do if you actually need to search it? This presentation discusses how you can search text contained in documents stored within your DB2 database using DB2 Net Search Extender as well as common problems and gotchas, and how to avoid them. Particular emphasis is placed on problem avoidance and query performance from both the DBA and application programmer perspectives.

Bullet Points:
1. Text Searching: The 3 interfaces available in NSE
2. Common problems and Gotchas and how to avoid them
3. Performance, performance: Good search Bad search
4. Good tuning parameters for NSE
5. Memory usage and considerations for NSE

Presentation Category: Other - Text Searching. DB2 Net Search Extender
Presentation Platform: DB2 for Linux, UNIX, Windows

Vijay Sitaram's Biography

Vijay has experience working as Sr. UDBA DBA with DB2 UDB LUW since V5 for 7 years. Currently, he works on V8.2 helping customers converting from Sybase to UDB. He designs, develops and implements solutions for 24x7 systems in Database Maintenance, Disaster Recovery, Physical layout, Performance tuning and Troubleshooting. Also, he works on applying new features available in UDB , interacting with IBM Support (with CRITSIT team) and participating in

Title: Online Database Maintenance for 24x7 OLTP Systems

Running DBA utilities Online for performing maintenance tasks is becoming popular and challenging for 24x7 mission critical applications. With UDB V8.2, the DBA can now run DBA utilities online without taking an outage and without impacting customers. This presentation will cover these various stages in online database maintenance. In addition, issues to expect and avoid shall be covered with real-life scenarios.

Bullet Points:
1. ONLINE Database Maintenance
2. Utilities for performing ONLINE Maintenance
3. Designing ONLINE maintenance for 24x7 systems
4. What to expect and avoid while running maintenance
5. Tweak Online

Presentation Category: Managing performance or availability
Presentation Platform: DB2 for Linux, UNIX, Windows

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