IDUG Meeting featuring IDUG 2022, 2023 Speakers

SIRDUG Meeting December ?, 2023

SIRDUG is very pleased to announce that the first 2023 SIRDUG meeting in December, will feature two speakers who presented at recent IDUG DB2 Tech Conferences.

Meeting Details

WHEN? December ? 2023

WHERE? ? See directions below

COST? Virtual event so tentatively free event.

Tentative Meeting Agenda

Meeting Agenda

 9:00 - 10:15 - Robert Catterall - "Session 1" (Db2 for z/OS)
10:15 - 10:30 - Mid-Morning Break
10:30 - 12:00 - Paul Turpin - "More Survival Tips for DBAs" (Db2 for LUW)
12:00 - 12:10 - SIRDUG business, Adjourn


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Registration Note
SIRDUG will be calling or emailing a confirmation for each person who pre-registers by the deadline. If you have pre-registered and have not received a confirmation by the day after the deadline, please notify us as your registration may not have been received.

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The event will be virtual so a link will be sent to those who sign up for the event.

Presentations for Download

To download Paul Turpin' "More Survival Tips for DBAs" (5 MB)
click here

Title: "?"

Objective 1:
Objective 2:
Objective 3:
Objective 4:
Objective 5:

Title: "?"

Paul Turpin's Biography

Paul Turpin won the IDUG 2022 North America best user speaker award in Boston. Paul Turpin manages a database engineering team for a financial services company. He specializes in Db2 for LUW on large systems, along with other DBMS like PostgreSQL, Neo4j, SAP HANA and MongoDB. He enjoys exploring new features and functionality in Db2. He has spoken at IDUG North America, IDUG Europe, SHARE, IBM’s Information on Demand conference, and several RUGs. Paul served on the IDUG Board of Directors and is a Past President of IDUG. He was one of IBM's inaugural Information Champions.

Title: "More Survival Tips for DBAs"

Many years ago I did a session on survival tips for DBAs. This presentation is all new tools that I have been using the last two years to make my life easier in the Db2 for LUW world. I have run into many situations where I needed to diagnose why a developer was having trouble to connect to a data or even why a database administration tool could not connect which is why I want to share several ways to test connectivity. I have also needed on numerous occasions to extract DDL for some type of object, permission information or statistics. db2look has numerous options to help a DBA with setting up new environments. I have discovered new functionality with other tools like R packages, db2pd and db2fmtlog that come in handy.
Objective 1: Connectivity testing using Python, Powershell tnc, ncat, tcp and other tools
Objective 2: The many uses of db2look
Objective 3: The amazing db2pd utility tool
Objective 4: Use MONREPORT to identify potential performance issues
Objective 4: Using db2batch for hard performance problems
Objective 6: How to use the package cache event monitors

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